3 Simple Steps

To grow & protect your wealth

Plan • Invest • Secure

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1. Tax Planning – Keeping your NET profit

Plan Carefully

There is no reason to contribute any more to your tax bill than you need to. Careful Tax Planning will help you manage all aspects of your wealth.

Specialist Support

Working with specialist accountants and solicitors, Skyhunter can offer a choice of effective Tax Planning options.

Grow sustainably

By having the right structures in place you can increase the level of NET profit from year to year enabling you to grow your business

2. Investments

This is your future and your family’s future.

Let the wealth you’ve worked hard to create work for itself.

  • From Small Acorns 20% 20%
  • Grow Mighty Oaks 90% 90%

Proven Investments

Looking for income, capital growth or combinations of the two? Skyhunter Wealth offers a range of proven investments. Our carefully selected Investment Providers have long-standing and successful track records.

Varied Portfolio

This allows you to create a varied portfolio so you can spread your risk and return. It also may help diversify the investment length of term, enabling you to access capital at different stages.

Pension Planning

Your pension may be your biggest asset in retirement and your main source of income. Skyhunter Wealth can provide introductions to Independent Pension Specialists who can give you financial advice from the regulated UK investment market.

3. Security

Limit Your Liability

Why put yourself in a position of liability? Make sure your assets are protected from Bankruptcy, Divorce, Creditors and Taxation.

Asset Protection

Whether it’s your home, your car, your business and any additional income, situations can arise that put any of these assets at risk. Asset Protection Planning helps to insure your assets are safeguarded.

Your Confidence

Your confidence matters to us. Depending on the investment(s) you choose, we can provide full due diligence packages directly from the Investment Providers and introduce you to an IFA for an independent risk-assessment of your chosen investments.

Why Skyhunter?

We are in direct contact with our carefully selected Investment Providers, Accountants, Independent Financial Advisors and Tax Specialists

We work with a range of financial products and strategies, introducing various options to our clients

We provide our clients with full product information, helping them understand what they are being presented with so they can make an informed decision

Our personal approach ensures we are part of your planning every step of the way

Providing you with

Quarterly reports

New investment opportunities

Annual budget breakdown

Financial structuring options.

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